What Computer Should You Purchase?

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Buying a computer can be a major investment and there are several points to consider before making the purchase. A refurbished computer from a reputable computer dealer may be a good option for you depending on your needs.


Here are a couple things to keep in mind when purchasing a computer new or refurbished:


  • Think about what you will be using the computer for.
  • What else will you need to buy to make your system work efficiently?
  • How long do you intend on keeping the computer?


Think about how the above factors stack up against the cost of a new model.


How Will You Be Using The Computer?




Before making any computer purchase whether it is new or used—you should consider what you plan on doing with your computer.  Also if you are planning on buying a used computer make sure to keep in mind that these models are a generation or two behind the current technology.  This shouldn’t be a problem for most computer users, professional or casual.

What To Ask Yourself Before the Purchase:

Do you need to be portable?





If you travel often you may need to take your work with you. The size and weight of your computer are a couple important details to remember when deciding on a computer.  Make sure the system you buy is small enough so that you can comfortably take it with you on your travels.  One drawback with super portable laptops is that the portability often times (but not always) comes with a tradeoff in features and horsepower.


What Applications Will You Be Running?




  • What specs will you need to run the apps?
  • High-end gaming?
  • Video or audio encoding?
  • CPU or memory-intensive apps?
  • How much storage will you need?
  • Can this computer handle your needs?


If your day-to-day computing needs involve many web apps and web services, but you use few desktop applications, a lightweight system may work for you. If you really need the horsepower for gaming, design, or video editing, you want to make sure that the system you purchase can measure up to the challenge.






Buying Refurbished



Buying a refurbished computer may be a good option; here are a few things to remember:

Included software and peripherals, an operating system and a warranty, if you’re buying a refurbished computer from a reseller, they may include the OEM license for the OS, and offer their own service plan, or offer a warranty. Make sure to see what is included in your purchase—or how much it would cost to get what you need. This also applies to peripheral items such as keyboards and mice.