Parallels 10 vs Fusion 7 vs VirtualBox4

Apple switched to using Intel processors in 2006, and since then, users have been able to run Windows on Mac hardware. Prior to switching from the PowerPC architecture to Intel, Macs running Windows required software emulators for Intel processors resulting in slow computer functionality. Since this change to using Intel processors Mac hardware can boot directly into Windows using Bootcamp, …

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Network VPN Connections

    A virtual private network (VPN) is a private network that spreads across a public network like the Internet. This private network allows specified computers to transfer data securely across shared or public networks. The VPN is established through a virtual point-to-point connection using dedicated connections and encryption. Virtual Private Networks are secure pipelines (typically encrypted) that can connect remote employees to central servers.  

Cloud Archive: What is it?

Understanding different types of cloud archiving and their benefits.     A cloud archiving service for your business data is important if you want to maintain long-term data retention as well as compliance and security standards in line with data regulations.       Some important factors to consider for a cloud archive back up are:   The data must …

Windows 8 For Business IT

Windows 8 For Business IT   Windows 8 an operating system developed by Microsoft to be used on personal computers was released for general availability on October 26, 2012. Windows 8 introduced many significant changes to the traditional Microsoft OS platform, mainly for the purpose of improving the user’s experience on mobile devices such as tablets and phones.      

FBI GreenDot MoneyPak Virus

  A prevalent and somewhat serious computer virus threat that recently infiltrated the US and Canada is the “FBI virus”.  Despite the name this virus has nothing to do with the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the US Department of Justice (DOJ).

Troubleshooting Hard Wired and Wireless Network Connectivity in Windows 7 and 8 Part 1

If you are having network connectivity issues in Windows there could be a variety of reasons why. Here are some common issues you can check that can cause these problems:       Make sure your wireless network adapter switch on your laptop or desktop is enabled and turned on Network security key or password problems – verify the password …

OSX Lion Server Router Set Up

  One of the main functions of your network router is to direct common tasks (services) like web browsing and mail to come in and out of your network. Initially, before properly configuring the router, many potential services are blocked by default. This is actually a good thing and it is doing exactly what it is meant to do: protect …