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Has your computer been more sluggish than you remember?   Well there are a few things to consider before buying a new computer.  One upgrade that breathes new life into older computers is an SSD upgrade.  They are a much cheaper these days and are more resilient than the mechanical drives because they have no moving parts.  SSDs today happen to be more reliable, have greater endurance and perform better than when compared to even just a few years ago.

SSDs will significantly boost your computer’s performance most notably in the boot time as well as open apps much faster.  Hard drives cause common performance bottlenecks on any computer system. This is due to the fact that hard drives, have mechanical, moving parts, that need to spin up every time you need to open, save, modify a file, or do anything else.  Additionally, to the previously mentioned benefits a solid state hard drive will:

  • Speed up saving and opening documents.
  • Improve file copying and duplication times.
  • Your system, overall will feel much faster.

iComputer’s certified technicians can turn these repairs around in 24-48 hours as long as all your data transfers.

We have the skills and experience to quickly replace your hard drive and use any adapting method for computers that are not originally equipped for the SSD hardware.  For one example, we can install a SSD into the optical drive tray in the non-unibody MacBook Pros, or aluminum iMacs.

We are also proficient in data retrieval, data recovery, and cloning techniques.  We always recommend that you have a back up of your data, just in case, but if you don’t we can help you.

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