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We have expert techs that are knowledgeable and experienced in their specific fields, whether it be a Mac or Windows based computer system.

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The turnaround for our diagnostic is 1-3 business days as long as we do not have to order any components.

We use industry best practices to assess your computer hardware and software.

We pride ourselves on making sure we take excellent care of our clients.

Software Problems

Your computer slowness could be a result of software corruption. Software issues can cause a wide array of problems for your computer. Some common causes for corruption include: a power surge, failing hard drive, physical impact on the computer while it is one.

Failing Hard Drives

Failing hard drives are one of the most common causes for a slow computer. If you have never replaced or upgraded your hard drive it may be a good idea for you to get it checked out. Most hard drive last 3-5 years.

Computer Upgrades

Sometimes upgrading hardware or software may also speed up your computer. Ram is one of our favorite upgrades for slow computers that do not have hardware or software issues.

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