Mac and PC Computer Repair Services


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Mac & PC Computer Hardware and Software Repair Services


certifiedOur team provides comprehensive computer solutions for your every technical and IT need. iComputer technicians are Apple certified, CompTIA A+ and Network+ certified. We are well-trained in Mac and PC laptop and desktop hardware/software repairs and technical support. We can fix any Apple or Windows-based machines.




Mac and PC Computer Tune Up Service

Mac or Windows system maintenance, fixing registry errors, read just your system settings etc. to restore system performance, hard drive defragmentation, and maximizing the overall performance of your Mac or PC computer.



Virus / Malware Removal Service


Our techs will remove all malicious software and malware from your computer and install a free, robust antivirus software to prevent future computer hacker attacks. Our certified techs will make sure to run a free computer hardware diagnostic to make sure you don’t have any hardware issues first.

Macs can get viruses too:


Mac users have not had to worry about malware in the past, but things are changing.  There have been more incidents of Mac virus / malware infections as hackers are developing more diverse malware. Do not install MacKeeper or iAnti-Virus, these kinds of software are often considered malware, disguised as performance software tools for Mac.





Liquid Damage Computer Repair:


Did your tasty beverage and laptop computer meet under accidental, disastrous circumstances? Like your coffee all over the keyboard while the computer was on? Don’t worry we can help! We take care of most liquid damaged computers with ease. Don’t let your laptop become an expensive paper-weight, come in and have it checked out by our experienced technicians.

Mac or Windows OS Rebuild:

Re-installation of the operating system, core applications, and drivers when no data back up is needed.


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Data Backup/Transfer:


A hard drive failure in your laptop or desktop can be a devastating repair to go through.  iComputer’s techs can help you prevent this repair from becoming catastrophic by helping you set up and maintain a working back up of all your data.  This won’t help the health of your computer’s internal hard drive but it can lessen the devastation a lot by having a back up especially if your data is important to you.


Apple and PC RAM Replacement and Upgrades:


Is your computer running slower than usual?  If you have frequently been experiencing the pin wheel of death on Mac OS or busy cursor on Windows you may need a ram upgrade. You can make your workflow more efficient by avoiding errors and applications that quit out by increasing the ram in your Mac or PC computer.  Most ram upgrades or replacements are completed in 24 hours or less.

Apple and PC Hard Drive Replacement and Upgrades:

We support clients in a wide range of fields from home users to businesses with dedicated offsite servers. We specialize in troubleshooting hard drive malfunctions, data corruption and full-scale software based, logical data recovery and restoration.Our hard drive services for Mac, Windows and Linux include: replacing and upgrading hard drives or SSDs, data migration and final hardware testing.

Apple and PC Wireless Card Upgrade and Replacement:

Installing and/or replacing wireless card and testing to ensure proper functionality. Please call for a quote.


PC Desktop Repair:

Installation and testing of new peripherals such as power supplies, hard drives, etc. *** Does not include hardware. *** Please call for a quote.

Apple Desktop Repair:


Installation and testing of new peripherals such as power supplies, hard drives, etc. *** Does not include hardware. *** Actual rate to be determined upon diagnosis.

Data Recovery


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Actual rate to be determined upon diagnosis.

Apple and PC Laptop Repairs and Upgrades


Actual rate to be determined upon diagnosis.

Apple Mountain Lion


Windows 8




Business Computer and IT Network Support




iComputer is dedicated to achieving 100% client satisfaction through transparency, open communication and quick response times.

Certified Tech


$125/hr + $25 trip charge outside 5-mile radius, Remote support: $80/hr

Desktop PC Repair

IT Support (Please call for a customized quote) :

General information regarding technology services:

On-Site Network Administration : On-site set up, management, security implementation or troubleshooting of your home and/or business network.  Most common issues require 1-2 hours of labor.

Remote Support / Troubleshooting $80/hour : Troubleshooting computer hardware/software issues remotely.  We use a 100% secure session connection.

Backup Storage Solutions Setup and Support $125/hour on-site or $80/hour remote support : Installing and managing storage solutions for data back up.

Discount Block Time Rates :  Please call to discuss your options.