Proper SEO Can Make Or Break A Business

Proper SEO Can Make Or Break A Business

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility and web presence of a website or a web page in a search engine’s natural, or un-paid search results through, organic or algorithmic means. In general the higher a website is ranked on the search results page, the more times a site appears in the search results list.  This leads to more visitors that the website will receive from the search engine users. SEO may target different kinds of search, such as image search, local search, video search, news search and industry-specific vertical search engines.

The proper utilization of SEO can make or break a business. SEO has a proven track record and it is a powerful and affordable addition to any business’s marketing strategy.  SEO can help a business succeed both online AND off.  SEO as a form of marketing is highly profitable for most companies because it is very much result driven. Search marketing is growing daily.  Search engines have replaced the yellow pages and searching and researching has become digital, even the yellow pages use search engines.


People are now constantly researching different products and services before they purchase them.  The Web has become the primary tool for this research.  SEO plays an important role in this research and buying cycle. It’s like a magnet, attracting potential buyers to your website through critical and relevant keywords and phrases ranked high in search engines where searchers are already looking for information. SEO is about being where your customers are, and directing them towards the solutions and products you offer them.

SEO can further all your business goals at a better return on investment than most other forms of marketing because of this effect of better conversions and more sales for lower incremental cost.


Steps To Successful Business Marketing

Designing and building a website that is informative, interesting and user-friendly is an important first step. This is absolutely necessary for almost any business these days. However the last thing you want to do is invest money in a website without a strategy to get people there. Your business on the web is the world’s smallest needle in the world’s largest haystack and you will never be found without proper steps to increase your web presence.

SEO is the key to gaining web presence. It is a powerful tool to increase profitability. SEO and proper research will allow you to increase the amount of visitors that visit your website, which will then bring more profit into your business. Know your customers and what they search for and you will see the benefits.  SEO is affordable, very targeted and it can be focused for local, national or even world-wide marketing. There is no other advertising method that is as easy to implement and target the right customers that is as affordable as SEO.


Focused Marketing To The Right Searchers

With SEO you can target a niche audience from all over the world that’s looking for one specific thing. The best part is that you can do it with just a little bit of research and effort and put yourself right in front of every single one of your potential customers.

Results Are Tangible

Traditional advertising can be effective if campaigns are built and rolled out properly but tracking the effect of these traditional advertising methods is another story. Online marketing on the other hand – especially SEO and methods like Pay-Per-Click advertising – is not only affordable but extremely— trackable. Utilizing tools such as Google Analytics SEO can determine exactly how many potential customers are coming to your site, what keywords they used to find you, where they came from, what they clicked on, how long they stayed and many other factors that can help you learn where your advertising investment is paying off.

Also, what’s great about Pay-Per-Click advertising is that you only pay for customers that actually click on your advertising. This is like only paying for a billboard if someone looks at it and then immediately visits your store.


The Long Tail           

The Long Tail refers to the idea that a larger share of population rests within the tail of a probability distribution than observed under a ‘normal’ distribution.

Huh? What the heck does that mean? This is what it means:

Long tail SEO is a strategy of taking lower-volume and higher-converting keywords and making them work together for a major increase in website traffic and conversion to sales.  The long tail in business is essentially when you have the ability to sell more by having a wider variety of products.  This concept allows you to better your chances for finding a buyer or client and selling more overall.

So how does this translate to SEO? It’s simple. SEO allows you to continually put yourself in front of the widest possible audience by targeting many niche searches that drive more traffic to your website.  For instance marketing less used, less competitive and general more descriptive key terms, will allow your business to hone in on customers looking for these key terms to find and purchase your services or products.  As it turns out customers searching for these more rare and descriptive key terms have a higher conversion rate into actual sales.

To give an example, Google estimates that there are literally millions of searches performed each month that have never been used before.  So keeping this in mind, the long tail in SEO is extremely long. By targeting a very specific key phrase you have the potential to reach a very wide audience that searches for that phrase or some combination of that phrase. You might only get 10 people to your site that used the key phrase “SEO for Successful Business Marketing” or some combination of that. But you will also get 5 people that visit using “SEO for Guaranteed Successful Small Business Marketing Success Immediately” and 25 for “SEO Small Business”. And so the long tail grows and so does your traffic and sales.


Going Regional Or Global

Targeted SEO allows you to reach a national or even global market even if you are working your business from the living room of an apartment or your local shop. SEO is the only advertising medium that is powerful, affordable and effective enough to have the opportunities to reach a wide range of customers on a national or international basis for most small businesses.  This is what makes SEO such an important tool for marketing your business to potential customers, locally or globally.


Building Credibility

Have you ever made a purchase from a company based on something other than the actual product? Reputation, store location, sales person appearance (attractive associate or cashier?), a cool logo or image? The reasons why people “buy” are endless and definitely not always based on price. But if everything were equal, what would be the deciding factor? One of the most obvious is credibility and SEO can help to deliver it.

Positioning your business at the top of the search results not only gets your business noticed, it will also add credibility that your business is reputable and established.  Ranking on the top of the first page on Google will provide the sense of credibility that you are above you competitors in the search results for a reason. Putting your business at the top of Google acts as a measurement of credibility.  This can have a positive and powerful psychological impact on your audience. That fact that your website is at the top of the hill speaks volumes about your business and that goes a long way in creating good will.

Most of people surfing the Internet are looking for solutions to problems. What holds true for most users using search engines to research is that they would not click on any results after the first few pages. This means that if your website falls after the first few pages, your potential customers will never find you. This can be a breaking factor in any online or really ANY business these days. This is why SEO has taken a new found importance for any business looking to improve their number of sales through online website traffic. The higher ranking your website has, the more business opportunities are driven in and help to not only generate traffic to your website but also build credibility online.



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