Problems with the OS X Yosemite Update and How to Fix Them

Apple’s new operating system, Yosemite, offers Mac users many benefits and new features. However this recent, new OS upgrade has been causing strange bugs and quirks in the software. We will discuss some of the most common problems as well as some simple tricks you can try to fix them.



Problems with WiFi



Yosemite WiFi Issues



Some Mac users who recently upgraded to OS X Yosemite have discovered a variety of wireless network connectivity issues after the update including:


  • Dropped WiFi connections
  • Inability to connect to the Internet even though the Mac is connected to a WiFi router
  • Slow internet speeds

Mac users with WiFi issues are inundating the OS X Yosemite forums right now, so if you are having problems you are not alone.


Yosemite WiFi Problems


An OS X Daily article states that these network issues occur most often on Macs that have updated to OS X Yosemite from Mavericks rather than if Yosemite was clean installed. Here are the steps described in the article that you can try to attempt to fix your WiFi connectivity issue:


  • Reset the system PRAM and SMC
    • All your system core info is stored in the PRAM and you can reset it by booting up your Mac, while holding down the Command, Option, P, and R keys right after you hit the power button. After you hear the start up chime for the second time, you can release the keys.

Zap Plist For Yosemite WiFi Problem


  • Delete the Bluetooth.plist or SystemConfiguration so that Yosemite will create them again from scratch
  • Create a new Wi-Fi service with custom DNS settings


Forget Network Settings Fix WiFi on Yosemite


  • Delete and then reconnect to a preferred network
  • Disable Bluetooth
  • Keep your MacBook connected to a power source


Unfortunately there is no one fix that will resolve the WiFi problems caused by the Yosemite update so you will have to try the above steps until you reach the step or step(s) that fix the issue.



Bluetooth Problems




Yosemite Bluetooth Problems



For a segment of Mac users, the Yosemite upgrade is causing problems with Bluetooth accessories and connectivity.  Here are some of the problems that users have reported on Apple support forums:

  • Getting theBluetooth mouse and keyboard to work
  • Bluetooth does not show up as available on the Mac
  • Breaks in Bluetooth connectivity while trying to play music or complete other wireless operations


If you are experiencing any of these Bluetooth related problems in Yosemite, iDigital Times recommends trying the following steps to try to resolve these issues:


  • Reset the PRAM and SMC
  • Open Bluetooth Preferences
  • Connect Bluetooth devices
  • Disconnect all USB peripherals
  • Shut down the computer
  • Wait 3 minutes
  • Restart your Mac

Now when you turn your computer back on the Bluetooth should hopefully be working fine.


Problems with Mail



Mail App in Yosemite




There have also been complaints of the Yosemite upgrade breaking the Mail application. Experts recommend double-checking your email provider settings, to make sure they are correct in the Mail application and have not been altered without your knowledge. You may need to uncheck the Automatically detect and maintain account settings tick boxes (there are two) in the Mail preferences.




Mail Problems in Yosemite



If your email problems are related only to Gmail accounts that you are accessing via IMAP, experts advise resetting your account both in Mail and in Gmail (through a web browser) and starting again from the beginning. Removing and re-adding your email accounts is often the best way of getting around Mac OS X bugs that refuse to go away.

Here are the steps to deactivate the following two functions in the Mail app, Show in IMAP and All Mail, and then reactivate them, and finally, add Gmail back to your accounts.


Steps to Deactivate:         

  1. Open the email client app on your Mac
  2. Log into Gmail from the web browser
  3. Click on a button on the right top corner of your Gmail that looks like a gear then click on Settings.
  4. Choose the Labels option.
  5. Deactivate Show in IMAP as well as All Mail and then return to the inbox and save the settings.
  6. Close the mail client app.
  7. Go to Mail preferences and delete all Gmail accounts
  8. Go back to your Gmail account on the web browser and reactivate Show in IMAP and All Mail.
  9. Reopen your Mac mail client.
  10. Go once again to Preferences and choose Internet accounts and add your Gmail accounts back.

This process of deleting and re-importing your Gmail to the Mail app may take several hours. In some cases, if you have a lot of email stored up, it may even take days. A glitch that is causing some people problems is when the mail client tries to download everything in your Gmail archive (which in some cases can be massive amounts of email.) By deactivating and reactivating previously mentioned two settings, you are basically resetting the system and allowing the Mac email client to catch up.



Problems with Spotlight and Notification Center



Notification Problems in Yosemite

There have also been a number of reports with problems in the Notification Center; mainly that Yosemite does not maintain the preference settings after rebooting. If you following these instructions from a MacRumors thread, they should fix this problem.

*** Note that this fix requires two reboots at the end of the procedure, not just one. ***

  1. Open the Library folder in your Home folder.
  2. Open the Application Support folder.
  3. Drag the folder named NotificationCenter to the desktop.
  4. Open the Terminal application.
  5. Copy and paste each line of the commands shown below into the Terminal window, in order from top down. Press return after entering each line.
  6. Close the Terminal app.
  7. Restart your Mac.
  8. Restart your Mac `getconf DARWIN_– USER_DIR`
    rm -rf apple.notificationcenter
    killall usernoted; killall NotificationCenter


Customize Spotlight in Yosemite



A problem in Spotlight that some Mac users have experienced is the “suggestions” function not working properly. The first thing to check is to make sure that your language and region settings match up. You should also check that you are in one of the countries where the feature is supported. If these settings are set correctly and the Spotlight is still not working then there does not seem to be a confirmed solution available yet. You will most likely have to wait for Apple to issue an update to fix this bug. You can try customizing your results in Spotlight via System Preferences under Spotlight. Here, you can uncheck any boxes you do not want showing up in your search results. You can also grab and drag them around to change the order of your search results.






Download iTunes From The App Store



If Yosemite on your Mac loops prompting you to install iTunes 12 over and over again, try downloading it directly from the Apple’s App Store rather than using the automatic updater.

Hopefully these suggestions will help some of your Mac problems if you have had problems after upgrading to Yosemite, 10.10. There may be other issues with upgrading your Mac to Yosemite so make sure to have a Time Machine back up for your computer available in case the upgrade goes awry.




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