Mac and PC Laptop Power Jack [DC IN Board] Soldering Repair


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Have your dropped your laptop or experienced a power surge that damaged your laptop power jack port?  Don’t worry!  It’s not the end of the life for your computer, our experienced techs can bring any laptop back to life with a power jack or dc in board problem.  This happens to be one of our favorite repairs, so you can be sure that this service will be completed properly and on time.  Call us today to ask any questions.


Power jack repairs are very common for laptops. What usually happens is that the power jack becomes loose or breaks from a poor design or wear and tear.  Frequently inputting and pulling the charger out of the power jack or jarring the adapter back and forth while it is plugged in the laptop are typically the causes for this kind of wear and tear.




Fortunately, most of the times this problem can be fixed with an inexpensive repair such as re-soldering the jack back into the laptop.  It is also possible that the laptop may require a replacement jack but those parts are usually cheap.



We provide laptop re-soldering services on your PC for $149, this also includes disassembling / reassembling your computer and while we are in there we will blow out the inside of your laptop to get the fan nice and clean.  Finally as a last step we will do extensive testing and a full diagnostic after we repair the power jack and can power it on.  We can turn this repair around in 24 hours or less.  If your computer needs a new jack in most cases these parts range from $29-$59.  We have a 99% success rate with these power jack repairs.



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