Overheating Computer?

This fee will be applied towards any service charges.

$59 Diagnostics


There Are Many Reasons Why Your Computer May Be Overheating

Dust, hair, pet fur, and other materials can cause your fan to wear out or stop working properly. Smoke is also a computer fan killer, it creates residue build up that can ruin your fan and other internal components.

Dust acts as an insulator; if you open your computer and find it covered in dust, you may experience a radically reduced life span for your machine. 

Overheating Computers Can Be Caused By: 

  • Hard drive or operating system problems.
  • Malfunctioning computer fan.
  • Faulty temperature sensor on the motherboard.
  • Failing processor.
  • Bad battery.

Sometimes just cleaning out the inside of your computer can resolve any overheating problem.

Don't Let Your Overheating Computer Get the Best of You!

If the tips above do not help cool your computer then it is possible that you may have a faulty fan or some other hardware.  We charge $59 for a computer hardware diagnostic and we apply this charge to any service fees.  

Call us today to ask any questions or your can bring your computer into our location on Santa Fe for a diagnostic.  No appointment is necessary.

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Call us today.  We will have you back up and running on your laptop or desktop in no time.

Our normal turnaround for any repair is 1-3 business days if we do not have to order any parts. Our techs are experts in both Mac and PC computer repair.

4340 E. Kentucky Ave Ste 143
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