MacBook Pro Display Repair Services

Awwww Snap! Did You Break Your MacBook LCD?


MacBook Pro Non-Retina Display Glass Replacement Service


Starting from $199 including parts and labor.


Our techs can help you fix any laptop LCD or display assembly whether it be Mac or Windows based.



I recently had a customer come in because he accidentally left his cell phone on his MacBook keyboard, he left the MacBook slightly ajar and someone came by and sat on it!  DOH!!  He was in a panic because he had already taken it to the Apple store to see if they could fix it and they quoted him $800!!!!  Wow, that’s almost the cost of a brand new Apple computer!



Mac Display Assembly RepairThe reason Apple charges so much for this repair is because they replaced the entire top portion of the MacBook, the whole display assembly.  This repair is much faster and easier than replacing just the LCD.






Luckily, he came into iComputer and asked us to do the repair.  Our certified technicians were able to replace just the LCD in the same day and we charge $199 for the MacBook screen replacement parts and labor included, this is obviously significantly cheaper than the Apple store.  Boy, did we have one happy customer!!  Our customer was so happy he insisted on treating the entire iComputer staff to hamburgers and drinks!!  A happy ending to a traumatic experience for our customer with the broken MacBook screen, we love these kinds of stories and they are many with iComputer’s top-notch computer repair service for Apples and PCs.




Give us a whirl!  You can call 720-253-0092 for estimates or questions.







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