Liquid Damage Diagnostics $75

Liquid Damage Service $200

Oh SNAP! Do You Have a Liquid Spill Emergency on Your Laptop?

Our turnaround for a liquid damaged laptop repair diagnostic is 1-3 business days. We go through an extensive process of cleaning and checking all the internal components.  

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Don't worry, we can help you!  Liquid damage repairs happen to be one of our specialty services.  We have seen thousands of laptops with various types of liquid damage: water, soda, wine, soup, apple sauce, tea, and coffee. We can fix these.

We have an high success rate of saving our clients money with our liquid damage laptop repair service.  We will always recommend the most cost effective, practical solution for your specific laptop.

Don't Panic! 


Did you accidentally knock over beverage, causing the liquid to spill all over your laptop?

Once liquid damage has occurred the minerals and salts in any liquid (even water) immediately begin to corrode any metal, silicone and fiberglass components.  So it is important to act quickly.

Keyboard Replacements

We Offer Affordable Prices For Liquid Damage Repairs



Starting from:

Starting From:    $200

In most cases, the data is retrievable for liquid damage incidents.  Our techs are experienced and skilled in data extraction techniques for damaged hard drives.  So if you have failed to complete a recent back up of your hard drive and you spilled liquid on your computer, we can help.

Best way to Minimize Liquid Damage:

Starting from:

Oftentimes a keyboard replacement is all a liquid damaged laptop requires to be fully functional after a liquid spill disaster.  This depends on the area where the liquid was spilled.  We will always try to save you money whenever possible and recommend the most economical options to fix your computer.

Data Recovery

Motherboard Repair

Starting from:

We use proven methods to repair liquid damaged laptop motherboards. In many cases a thorough cleaning of the motherboard and all the internal components will do the trick!  Powering down your computer if it is not already off immediately after a liquid spill is one of the best things you can do for the best results.



This was hands down the best costumer service I have received anywhere in a long time. The guys went above and beyond to help me out, with no additional charges or hidden fees. They even stayed open late so I could pick up my laptop after hours. 

Thank you!

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