Secure Your Business IT Infrastructure with iComputer’s Network Security Services

New trends in business IT such as social media, mobiles devices, and BYOD policies present new security challenges.  Our extensive experience providing security services can help secure your business network from malicious attacks and protect your IT assets. These changes in business work flow and the “mobile employee” put data distribution and unauthorized apps high on the list of concerns for IT departments.  Our network security services are designed to accommodate these changes in workforce mobility and will protect your business so you can work in a trusted environment.

The security experts at iComputer will work with your company or IT department to identify your network security needs and how to manage your company data in terms of storage and access.

iComputer can help your organization build a solid, business-aligned security strategy.  Our services will do the following:

  • Protect your business from threats and reduce risk
  • Demonstrate proactive approaches to protect critical assets
  • Comply with GLBA, PCI, SOX and HIPAA requirements

We can help integrate a customized network security solution that will provide a secure IT environment for your business.  Our security experts have the strategic and technical expertise to help small to medium sized businesses cost-effectively protect critical IT network infrastructure.  Our cyber security services take proactive and preventative measures for your business network security and compliance. We will protect your network infrastructure from unauthorized access, malfunction, and destruction.

We provide per incident security services and we can also set you up with managed services for your business network that include:
  • Network vulnerabilities assessment
  • Security consulting services
  • Secure data and network infrastructure
  • Detect and prevent malicious attacks
  • Support security compliance with federal and industry regulations
  • Provide detailed security reports and analysis
  • Managed firewalls and switches

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