iMac Repairs by Certified Techs

iMac Repairs

iMac Repairs

Your iMac can have problems like any other computer. We can provide you with excellent computer repair and upgrade services at affordable rates and fast turnaround times. Our certified techs are extremely skilled in a full range of Mac and Windows computer repairs including any iMac hardware or software service.  We always keep our clients’ best interests in mind in all of the services we provide. This attention and emphasis on excellence sets us apart from the other computer repair and IT support companies. Give us a call today.


iMac Fan Repair

imac fan repair 2

Your iMac fan provides a very important function for your iMac; it keeps your computer nice and cool while you check your email or watch videos. If your fan stops working it can lead to some bad things for your Mac’s hardware like overheating that can cause your logic board to fail.  We can help you with any iMac fan repairs, if you suspect you are having a problem with your fan, call us today for a free phone estimate.


 iMac Logic Board Repair


iMac logic board repair 

An iMac logic board is a motherboard for the computer. If this component fails then your iMac will most likely not be functional.

Some common symptoms that indicate a logic board failure are:

  • No booting
  • Kernal panic
  • Loud fans
  • Distorted video

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms call us today or bring your iMac in for a diagnostic. Our diagnostic charges are applied to any repair fees.


iMac Hard Drive Repair

imac hard drive repair

A hard drive replacement is one of the most common repairs for an iMac to undergo.  Since hard drives are constantly spinning at extremely fast rates, in most cases 7200 RPM, they tend to fail more often than other components in an iMac. This is one of the reasons our techs always recommend a Time Machine back up in case this happens to you.  We can provide you with some tips to back up and estimates on any hard drive repair or upgrade.  If you want to drop your iMac off for a diagnostic come on by anytime during our business hours, no appointments necessary!


iMac Data Retrieval

imac data recovery


Your iMac may need data recovery service if your hard drive dies and your data is not intact.  Luckily our techs are very skilled at data retrieval and resolving data corruptions.  We want to accommodate our clients with the industry’s best data recovery practices and use a variety of techniques to retrieve your data.  We have a high rate of data recovery success due to our extensive methods. Call us today for a free phone consultation.


iMac Optical DVD/CD Drive Repair

optical drive repair imac


Has your DVD drive on your iMac stopped receiving media or does it spit out your CDs and DVDs immediately upon insertion? If this is happening to you it is possible that your optical drive has failed. Bring your iMac by anytime for us to diagnose this issue and get you back up and burning disks and watching movies in no time!


iMac LCD Screen Repair

iMac LCD repair

One of the most major repairs on an iMac happens to be a LCD screen replacement.  In a lot of cases this repair is usually only necessary when your iMac gets dropped or has smoke damage, but iMac LCD screen failures do happen. Our certified techs can diagnose this problem and repair it for you in a timely manner with our excellent standard of service.