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The IT organization for any company has the pressure of maintaining the business’s efficiency and productivity.  There are two main elements that drive IT productivity for a business, the tools, and procedures in which the tools are implemented and utilized.  An effective IT protocol must select the proper tools and make sure they are deployed and used in an appropriate manner.

Finding The Right Tools

The best tools for businesses of any size are applications that combine ease of use and consistency, and are low maintenance to administer. An easy to use application interface and a consistent delivery of performance are key to reducing end user problems and will help to maximize overall productivity.

Cloud Computing

Cloud based software and services, referred to as software as a service (SaaS) makes this possible.

Different businesses and organizations are catching on to this rapidly developing technology.

SaaS solutions are now the primary method for customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation and customer support.

Our mantra at iComputer for IT has always been: “Faster, better, cheaper—doing more with less.”

Cloud-based solutions provide several benefits including:

  • Remote access to data from any location for different platforms including mobile devices
  • Minimal hardware and maintenance costs
  • High level of data security depending on which application
  • Seamless product updates
  • Cost effective IT solutions

As cloud software services advance to become the industry standard, IT service providers must be ready to support a diverse set of applications.  Additionally SaaS solutions change and update frequently. iComputer’s network certified technicians are savvy and experienced in supporting these changes.

IT providers must understand and have experience working with different network infrastructures and applications in order to efficiently deliver solutions.  A rapid and inexpensive delivery of solutions is central to iComputer’s method of IT service and maintenance.  We are proficient in what we do so that our clients can focus on their work at hand while leaving the stress of network management in our capable hands.

There are many things that can go awry with any network solution whether it be cloud based or local. Problems can stem from the cloud based SaaS, a firewall, hardware or a variety of other IT elements.



These developments also require an in depth knowledge of multiple platforms for various mobile devices and the applications they support.  Our team’s expertise in the diverse technologies available through different mobile device manufacturers puts us ahead of our competition.  We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve by familiarizing ourselves with current technology trends and best practices.

Making IT Accessible To End Users

As mobile devices continue to expand their influence and sophistication, users are adapting to new standards.  One such evolution is the constant availability of data, which is key to business productivity.

iComputer has always kept client experience and satisfaction a priority in all of the services we provide so this is nothing new for us. In an effort to align IT operations with the business goals and ultimately provide better service, we continually strive to implement industry standard best practices. Our techs seek to improve and streamline IT service management processes for your business in a cost effective manner.

Raising the Bar on Service

“Today’s IT organizations are being encouraged to adopt a customer service view of IT support where customer satisfaction is the new measuring stick.”

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