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Visual Persuasion Adobe CS5 Classes

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Adobe Photoshop CS5

Adobe InDesign CS5
Adobe Illustrator CS5
Adobe InDesign CS5
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5
Adobe After Effects CS5

How to Start a Business Using a Mac to make it Happen

Are you just itching to do something more with your life? Do you have skills that are underutilized? Do you have a Mac and want to make money? Kevin Cullis, Chief Business Geek at MacStartup.com, is presenting a hour long presentation on how to start a business and using a Mac to make it happen. From your “idea” to your “Grand Opening” Kevin will walk you through the necessary steps to get started.

Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design

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Is SEO for Me?

Free seminar discussing the benefits of SEO marketing

Ableton Classes!

Ableton workshops, training & classes!