Hard Drive Repair and Upgrade Services

A hard drive is the component that stores data files in Mac and Windows computers. This means all your music, video, software, documents and photos. Many experts take the stance that a hard drive will inevitably fail at some point in time. We always recommend having at least one back up copy of your data.

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Including parts and labor. Most repairs are completed in 24 hours or less.

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Signs to Look for If You Suspect a Failing Hard Drive:

  • Unusual sounds coming from the drive
  • Frequent disk errors and data starts to disappear
  • Computer is not able to recognize the hard drive
  • Computer crashes and freezing
  • Abnormally slow access, and read/write times

Failing hard drives start out as bad sectors and this can occur on both traditional mechanical drives and SSDs (solid state drives).

A failing sector can prevent the drive from responding to read or write requests. Having bad sectors can also cause data corruption rendering your data useless.

Don’t worry if your drive does happen to fail we can help you find the best solution to replace or upgrade your drive to suit your computer usage needs.

Our techs also have high success rates for recovering data if the drive is not physically damaged. We use industry best practices for data recovery via software methods.

Our team of experienced techs and systems admins can recommend sound back up or data storage solution for your individual computer or business network. Most hard drive replacements take 1-3 business days.

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