FBI GreenDot MoneyPak Virus


A prevalent and somewhat serious computer virus threat that recently infiltrated the US and Canada is the “FBI virus”.  Despite the name this virus has nothing to do with the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the US Department of Justice (DOJ).

This particular computer virus is considered to be in the “ransomware” category.  This infection is basically malware. They call it “ransomware” because the malware holds your computer ransom  for money.



Victims get infected with this virus in a variety of ways including clicking on malicious websites, social media links and emails.  The majority of people that get infected with the FBI virus do not have their anti-virus software updated and working properly.  This scam recently raised concerns with the real FBI causing them to send out a notification stating, “The FBI does not send unsolicited emails to the public. If you click on the embedded link you run the risk of infecting your computer with a malicious virus.”




The FBI virus is malicious software that takes over the infected PC’s desktop.  It will display a background image of a message coming from the FBI stating that you have committed crimes using your computer.  This can be alarming for someone that is not familiar with this virus.  The message will also prompt you to pay a fine in order to unlock your computer system.



Hackers use the GreenDot MoneyPak payment system to collect money from victims of the FBI GreenDot MoneyPak ransomware. After paying for the fraudulent charges users are asked to input the voucher (PIN) code in the designated box, this will not unlock your computer.  This is the goal of the hackers, to have you pay them money for a phony penalty. You will most likely never get your money back if you fall victim to this malware so, be extremely careful if you see symptoms of this virus.




At this point in time the FBI virus is affecting mostly Windows users, but Mac users are starting to see issues with this malware as well.  The FBI virus has not affected Smartphones yet.  Give us a call if you suspect you have this virus.  We can help you remove this virus, optimize your system and prevent future virus or malware threats.