Data Transfer Services Starting From $59

We can help you transfer your data from your Mac either to an external hard drive or to another computer. You need to transfer the data from your Mac to a Windows computer? No problem! We can handle that! As well as the other way around, we can help you transfer files from a Windows computer to a Mac.


We Have a 24-48 Hour Turnaround Depending on How Much Data You Have



Often times we have clients that are panicked because they have a dead Mac that they either need to repair or retire but they still need to get the data off the computer. Well, we can take the drive out of the computer to transfer any data and our techs are skilled and have lots of experience with using logical data recovery procedures if your hard drive is corrupted or damaged. Afterwards you can consult with our techs to set you up with a sound data back up system so you do not need to go through the data loss panic again!



NAS Support Services


*** Any applications will need to be reinstalled if you are going from one operating system to another. ***


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