Prevent Hard Drive Failures From Causing Major Damage In Your Life



Let iComputer’s dedicated technicians help you set up a reliable data back up system and rest assured that your data is safe.  We can get your computer on the bench in 24 hours or less!




A hard drive failure in your laptop or desktop can be a devastating repair to go through.  iComputer’s techs can help you prevent this repair from becoming catastrophic by helping you set up and maintain a working back up of all your data.  This won’t help the health of your computer’s internal hard drive but it can lessen the devastation a lot by having a back up especially if your data is important to you.


Our data transfer / cloning / retrieval rates start from $59. 


There are also a number of different ways in which you can back your data up.  If you are on a Mac our favorite way is by using Time Machine as well as iCloud.  If you are on a Windows computer we recommend a number of different back up solutions like Carbonite, Drop Box, Google Drive and a few more applications, just give us a call to ask and we can help you decide on a customized solution.




We also have extensive knowledge and experience in configuring and managing larger storage systems like RAIDS and cloud back up solutions for small to medium companies.


Give us a call to set up your data back up system.  Most of our data transfer / clone /retrieval rates are a flat fee so you don’t have to pay a million dollars for a by the hour repair.    We really care about our customers’ data and will go above and beyond other companies to make sure our clients have their critical information or are able to retrieve it in instances of a hard drive failure.


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