Did You Get Hooked by a Phishing Malware Attack?

Malware Removal

What Is Our Process?

Our team of qualified computer techs and IT professionals can help your organization avert downtime  and potential data related disasters with our sound risk management protocols. We can provide customized solutions that will integrate the most practical products and services. 

Expert & Thorough Malware Detection

We understand how important it can be for you to avoid any downtime related to your computer and IT systems.  With this in mind we are committed to always go above and beyond to provide our clients with quick turnarounds, fast response times and quality service.

Our techs go through extensive discovery processes to make sure we find every piece of malware. Sometimes malware designers make them so that they are undetectable by the victim. We use a variety of methods to  inspect all files on your computer or network for malicious activity.

Our IT admins and computer techs are experts in our specific fields and we are well trained in qualified and tested procedures for securing your computers and business networks.  We can also help you remain compliant for any data security and privacy regulations that may be required.

1-3 Day Turnaround

Proven Methods

Never click on links in emails from unknown or unverified sources. Many times these links contain malicious codes that lead to phishing vulnerabilities.   Make sure to stay updated with all your software and security updates.  Also use a good anti-malware software to increase your protection from hackers.

Stay secure

Secure your IT environment

Our team of experienced techs can develop a multi-layered security strategy for your network designed specifically to protect you and your data. This includes installing, configuring and managing firewalls, virus protection software packages, and network security services. Additionally, we can isolate and eliminate any pre-existing malware infection.

Schedule a consultation.

We recommend starting any malware removal service with a hardware diagnostic for no extra charge.

Data Storage Security

Computer Hardware

We will install a good anti-malware software if you request it. 

Cloud Services Security

Any data storage device should be protected for security breaches.

Computer Security

Having proper security measures in place for cloud services is critical for both you and your business.

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