OS X Yosemite Software Update 10.10.3 Features

Photos App in 10.10.3



Apple recently released the OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 update on April 8, 2015. This was a significant update that included the new Photos app from Apple in addition to the usual stability, compatibility, and security improvements for your Mac system that comes with them. This article will go over all the new features of the Yosemite 10.10.3 update, current problems that users are experiencing with the new software upgrades, as well as potential fixes for these issues.


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What is the Best Way to Integrate Cloud Services for Business IT?




Cloud services can be a lifesaver for businesses that need to increase IT capacity or capabilities quickly without the expense of purchasing additional network infrastructure, licensing software, and training staff. New research from Virtustream, an enterprise focused cloud computing company reports that the majority of U.S. businesses are currently using some form of cloud service. Small to medium sized businesses can take advantage of the pay-per-usage pricing model used by most cloud vendors.


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Parallels 10 vs Fusion 7 vs VirtualBox4

Running a Virtual Machine on Your Mac



Apple switched to using Intel processors in 2006, and since then, users have been able to run Windows on Mac hardware. Prior to switching from the PowerPC architecture to Intel, Macs running Windows required software emulators for Intel processors resulting in slow computer functionality. Since this change to using Intel processors Mac hardware can boot directly into Windows using Bootcamp, or run alongside OS X in a virtual machine, or switch back and forth between a Bootcamp and virtual machine set up.



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How to Configure a VPN Connection in Windows 8.1


Windows 8.1 VPN Set Up



A VPN is one common method of extending a private network across the Internet and gain access to network resources from a remote location in a secure manner.  A virtual private network (VPN) is a private network that uses public telecommunications infrastructure, usually the Internet, to connect to a private network, such as a company’s internal network infrastructure. A VPN remains private by using a secure tunneling protocol and other security mechanisms including encryption. This ensures that only authorized users can access the private network and that the data cannot be intercepted by anyone else.   


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Lenovo Laptops Pre-installed with Superfish Security Breach


Lenovo Superfish Adware Detection

Lenovo Laptops Come with Superfish Security Breach Pre-Installed


Any Lenovo laptop purchased since August may have come with a prepackaged adware bundle that includes malicious software. One specific adware included in the bundle is known as VisualDiscovery by Superfish, it monitors web traffic while the user is shopping, this data is then used to serve up similar ads to the images that were being browsed in the form of pop up ads. Experts have determined that the VisualDiscovery adware acts as a man in the middle attack, by placing a certification authority (CA) root certificate into the Windows list of trusted root certification authorities.  










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Harnessing the Benefits of A Hybrid IT Network


Hybrid Cloud Integration Services

In today’s rapidly changing technology environment, cloud computing has proven to be especially valuable for small to medium sized businesses. Small businesses can now capitalize on the benefits of cloud services by avoiding deployment of expensive, physical network infrastructure. Traditionally, IT services such as data and communication management, as well as software installation and upgrades were implemented by onsite file and e-mail servers, and data storage systems, which were maintained internally, by IT personnel.

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Windows 10 Pre-Release Announcements

Windows 10 Logo

The much anticipated release of Windows 10 is right around the corner. Microsoft will be unveiling its latest software product upgrade in the upcoming weeks as reported by numerous tech news authorities.


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Yosemite Fixes For Distorted Video in Adobe, Safari Performance Issues and More


Yosemite Software Update




The have been a rash of problems with Apple’s new Yosemite upgrade. These will eventually get ironed out with software updates or with recommended workarounds. We will be going over the most common problems that some Mac users who have recently upgraded to Yosemite are experiencing. Additionally we will go over some fixes to these Mac OS problems.

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Problems with the OS X Yosemite Update and How to Fix Them

Problems With The Yosemite Update


Apple’s new operating system, Yosemite, offers Mac users many benefits and new features. However this recent, new OS upgrade has been causing strange bugs and quirks in the software. We will discuss some of the most common problems as well as some simple tricks you can try to fix them.


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Tis the Season for Heightened Cyber Criminal Activity: Tips on How You Can Protect Your Data

Cyber Threat Increase During Holidays


The holidays are key times for cyber-criminals to exploit the risky behaviors of unaware Internet users. According to an annual survey conducted by Deloitte Consulting, more people than ever before are planning to buy their Christmas presents from an online source this year.  As such a growing number of services for online shopping are offered on these platforms and IBM anticipates a significant increase of cyber-crime related to computer scams and identity theft.  Doing your shopping online with just a click of your mouse is often the simplest way to shop for many people, but it can also be dangerous.

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