Ableton Musical Chairs by DEMA

Ableton Musical Chairs by DEMA

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Ableton Musical Chairs is a creation of the founders of DEMA DJ Auxilix (John Lightner), DJ Cyroxos (Clayton Shannon) and guitarist Fernando Del Valle.



An event DJ Auxilix deemed “Ableton Musical Chairs”:

This is how it worked:

Everyone brought a laptop with Ableton Live! installed, a power adapter for their computers and a pair of headphones.  Any and all plug-ins and third party samples were considered acceptable.  Each person started at their own audio work station… and… go!  They take 15 minutes at each station rotating to complete a full revolution and create music, each musician adding and building on the next addition at each station.


Before this Ableton Musical Chairs event the musicians had all met together only 3 different times and a couple of the participants for this DEMA Meet Up were completely new and had never met any of other members of DEMA prior to this event.  Each person that attended this function was completely unique in musical technical ability, genre preference and experience in audio production.  The attendees consisted of metal guitarists, electronic music DJ’s each with their own sub-genre preference, and classical guitarists.


There were 8 people that came to this event and 8 songs were created through the rotation with breaks in about 3 hours.

Check them out.  This is really cool stuff.  Here is the link to the SoundCloud page where the songs are posted:        

They are doing this again next week.  If anyone is interested in participating in the Ableton Musical Chairs it is a free event.  You can sign up at the DEMA Meet Up page it will be located at iComputer in Denver:

If you would like to know more about DJ Cyroxos and DJ Auxilix please visit: 

If you would like to check out Fernando Del Valle’s music at his SoundCloud link please visit:   

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