Is Your Mac or PC Computer Bogged Down With Malware?

For in store malware removal service. This services takes 1-3 days.

Our malware removal services will scan and clean your computer of any malicious software. We use safe, industry best practices for malware removal and computer security methods.  Our experienced technicians can restore any infected computer or network to work efficiently again.

$129 Flat Fee

Feel free to call us for any questions.

  • Computer running slower than normal.
  • Inability to print properly.
  • Unusual error messages or pop ups.
  • Unresponsive applications.
  • Inaccessible disks, internal or external.
  • Frequent computer crashes and freezes.
  • Computer is stuck in a reboot loop.
  • Computer restarts randomly.

Some Symptoms for a Malware Infected Computer

We Offer In Store and Onsite Services For Computer and Network Support 

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